Expert Curriculum from the Leaders in the Field

Socratic Methodology

Teaching sessions are centered around presentations by expert instructors but emphasize vigorous dialogue between participants and instructors as a means of heightening interest, involving all students, and reinforcing retention.

Diversity of Experience & Presentation

Teaching sessions occur in a combination of classroom settings, the factory floor, in workshops and in test laboratories.


Course material is presented to students in combination of written documentation, multi-media presentations plus personal observations and hands-on participation in lab workshops.

Application-Centric Modeling

Instructional material presented at Corrosion College is extensively supported by application case studies and well-documented field examples highlighting the causes and prevention of corrosion.

Continuity of Administration

Corrosion College is administered by a dedicated director, whose duties include the continual updating of all course materials to the most current innovations along with ensuring that the knowledge gained by it's graduates will have successful application in their jobs.


Each student is expected to pass a final examination and receive an acceptable evaluation.